I've been running for years, but I've hit a plateau. How can coaching help an experienced runner like me?

A coach can help with that! We'll discuss your past training and look for areas that need improvement. Sometimes people are running too hard on easy days. Sometimes people are not getting in the right variety of paces. Sometimes people are running too much mileage or too little. Whatever has been holding you back, we'll work together to find the correct solution and take your training to the next level. 

I'm new to running. Will this type of training be too hard for me?

I coach runners of all abilities, ranging from beginners through Boston Marathon qualifiers. Each individual's training plan will be customized to fit his or her current fitness, running background, training goals, future races, work obligations, and family commitments.  

I don't live in the Boston area - can I still join?

Absolutely! I coach runners all over the country. We communicate via skype, Google hangouts, email, phone calls, and text messages. 

Do I need to buy any expensive equipment like a heart rate monitor or a Garmin?

One of the reasons I love running is that you don't need to make a huge investment upfront! All you really need is a watch (any type) and a pair of running shoes. Garmins, heart rate monitors, and other tracking tools can be useful, but they are definitely not required. 

I want to get faster, but I don't actually have any races planned. Do I need to know what my next race is before I start?

At some point, we'll want to choose a goal race. But to start, we can just focus on getting stronger and faster. The race-specific training can be introduced later on.