How Beantown Running Works

  • Introductory Consultation I'll ask about your goals, how often you plan to train and race, your running experience, and what you hope to gain from working with me.

  • Personalized Training Schedule Your schedule will outline your workouts for each day of the week. Running days will include exact paces and/or effort levels.  Cross training and rest days will include detailed instructions as well. 

  • Guidance Training schedules are not set in stone.  I realize that "life gets in the way" and I expect to get updates on workouts.  I want to hear about both the good workouts and the bad ones!  As you progress, I might change the intensity of a track workout or increase an upcoming long run.  Likewise, if you get a cold and miss a few days of training, I will adjust the training plan so that you have adequate recovery time.  

  • Support All questions and schedule accommodations will be made within one business day.